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Cheatham County Animal Awareness Foundation, Inc.


A Section 501(c)(3) private foundation

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Spay & Neuter

CCP provides low cost spay and neuter assistance for companion animals (dogs/cats) owned by Cheatham County residents. Services are scheduled with our veterinary clinic partners.

CCP is an all-volunteer organization staffed by volunteers, many of whom work a full-time job. Because of this most calls are returned after 5:00 pm or on the weekends. We will make two attempts to return calls. If you do not have voice mail on your phone, the best way to reach CCP is to fill out the on-line form (link is below).

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a resident of Cheatham County
  • Prove the financial need for assistance
Spay and Neuter

To schedule an appointment, please register here: (click here to open online form)
Call our hotline number: 615-829-8984

When prompted, please include this information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • What type of animal you have: dog/cat
  • Male/Female
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Breed (if known)
  • Two contact phone numbers

Pitt Bulls Spayed and Neutered At No Cost

If you are a resident of Cheatham County who owns a Pitt Bull, CCP will provide spay/neuter at no cost. Call the hotline (615) 829.8984 or register on this website to be contacted by our volunteers.

Pitt Bulls and Pitt mixes are the dogs  most frequently relinquished to our animal control office and the hardest to find homes for. Prevent unwanted animals by spaying or neutering your beloved Pitt Bull. Thank you!

**dogs must be 70% Pitt Bull to qualify.

For pre-op and post-op instructions, please click these links:

If There Is a Problem:  Please call the veterinary office that performed the surgery immediately.

Spay and Neuter

White Bluff Animal Clinic
4535 Hwy 70
White Bluff, TN 37187

Kingston Springs Animal Hospital
170 Luyben Hills Road
Kingston Springs, TN

The Pet Community Center
943B Dr. Richard G. Adams Drive
Nashville, TN 37207

West Meade Animal Clinic
990 Davidson Road
Nashville, TN

New Hope Veterinary Clinic
5420 Highway 41a
Joelton, TN 37080