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This week’s saves! 10/20/14

Almost 6 years ago now, I rescued (or WAS rescued!) Cookie from CCAAF. I will forever be grateful to CCAAF for taking care of Cookie until I learned about her and then met her. Once I met her, that was it! I knew she just had to come home with us. Now, 6 years later, she is the love of my life! She must have been beaten as a pup because she was scared and never wanted to ride in a car or take a walk. Now, her two favorite things to do – ride in a car and take a long walk! Just goes to show that a little love goes a long, long way.

Three years ago, Cookie befriended a fawn in our backyard. After they had been playing for over an hour, we finally found a video camera and my husband shot a minute of them playing together. I’ve posted it here for your enjoyment. You are welcome to share it with whomever!

Continued thanks to all you do! My life has been enriched beyond belief by that precious little dog named Cookie.
~Mary Glynn W.

Puppy Alexa


Meet the newest member of the CCAAF family. This is sweet Alexa. She was brought into animal control and the staff wasn’t sure she would survive the night. They cared for her for a week and saved her life.

She has now been in our care for a couple of weeks and has started her mange treatment and her lime/sulphur dips. She has a rescue waiting for her as soon as she is healthy enough for transport.

She is one smart little girl. She leashed trained herself and hates to go potty in her room!



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