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Alli’s (aka Baby Hazel’s) Story


Enjoying a little 'taste' of sunshine!

Alli came to us as a joyous, playful and earnest little 4 month old. She was a stray who had found a temporary home, but after being hit by a car and both of her hind legs basically dragging behind her, she came into CCAAF because her family felt they could not care for her.  Though in serious pain and a little shy, we found her bright-eyed and curious and very happy to be tended to, fussed over and loved.

She had been known as ‘Hazel’ due to her beautiful eye color. She appeared to be a full Border Collie, a relatively rare ‘red merle’ color. But now she found herself with not only a broken hind leg, but two. Still, over the course of receiving treatment for the legs, she would not be kept down. She was ever courageous, always ready to explore and tackle the world with a fierce persistence, no matter how small her world was in a given moment.

The right leg healed very nicely. There were complications with the left one, however, resulting first in a ‘peg-leg’ which she dutifully made the best of, refusing to be sidelined. But ultimately several veterinarians agreed that the leg really had to come off.


Outside at 6 mos, able to stand (and walk and run!) on her three legs.

At first this was heartbreaking for us to hear. But her doctor pointed out that unlike a human who experiences emotional trauma, grief, perhaps the mistaken perception of stigma or reduced opportunities, etc. at the loss of a limb, this little girl would experience nothing but sheer joy – no more pain, and the freedom to run and jump and laugh the same as any of her four-legged friends! Ultimately she will not perceive any problem, limitation or even any change – except for the better!

Renamed ‘Alli’ – short for Alli Gator – due to her slim, straight jaw and busy little white teeth – this little girl is a bundle of joy and energy. Two weeks out from her Nov. 2 surgery she is champing at the bit to be released by her doctor to run, play and wrestle with her friends as any 7 month old loves to do. Already her gait and posture are better and truly more normal than before the surgery. Her only limitation is doctor’s orders for her recovery period.

Alli has a great enthusiasm for games, whether they involve person(s), other dogs, toys or any combination of same. Her definition of ‘toy’ is anything she can pick up. If no one will throw her toy for her, she will throw it high in the air, run and get it, and continue to do this over and over! She also loves car rides. She rides to work and home with her foster mom every day. It has been her experience that there is always more fun to be found at the next stop.

We have a rescue group who is also champing at the bit, to receive this beautiful, brave little girl. She is loving, affectionate and fearless, and will doubtless be the love of someone’s’ life. We are very grateful we were able to give her this second chance.

As the vet who first cared for her said, ‘She’s a keeper.’

  • Alli at 4 months with her leg taped up for healing.
  • Alli at 4 months with her leg taped up for healing.
  • In the car with her e-collar at pick-up 2 days after the surgery - Happy to be going 'home'!
  • Plays well with others
  • I think I smell a rabbit
  • Anything is a toy
  • Catch me if you can!

Each year, CCAAF provides treatment to several deserving dogs (and cats) outside of the scope of our mission statement. Alli was such a case. Our organization has already paid for Alli's surgery and subsequent recovery. You can help us recoup these funds, which will allow us to  help other animals in need.

To send a tax deductible donation:

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Pegram, TN 37143

100% of your donation will go towards the costs incurred to provide Alli with her life-saving surgery.

Thank you for caring about Alli and many more deserving animals like her in our rural county.

Thank You

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