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In order to support the needs of hospitals and medical staff - surgical masks, gloves, protective gear and other medical needs are in short supply.  Therefore our veterinary partners are only performing emergency surgeries until further notice.

As a result of this national crisis, our veterinary clinic partners are forced to pause all scheduled spay and neuter surgeries - for CCP and everyone.  CCP agrees with and supports our veterinary partners in their decisions.  Responsible actions by each of us, will help everyone through these difficult times.

If you currently have a CCP voucher, it will be honored regardless of expiration date once our veterinary partners are able to schedule surgeries.  We will post on this page when you may call providers and scheduled services.

In the meantime, should your dog or cat go into heat, here is a list of precautions you can take to prevent unwanted pregnancies:

Female dogs:  Keep in the house and away from any un-neutered males you own. 

Only take them outside on a leash, or in your supervised, fenced yard for short periods. 

Female cats: Keep in doors at all times throughout their heat and away from any un-neutered males you own. 

Male dogs and cats:  Keep them indoors, under supervision, and secured to your property.  Do NOT leave them outdoors overnight if at all possible.  Free roaming females will find them, even if tied to a chain or in a fenced yard.   

Cheatham County Paws (CCP) and our supportive partners pray you keep yourself and your family safe, including your four-legged, furry ones, through these challenging times ahead.  Please email any questions to CCP at