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Upcoming Spay / Neuter Events


Thursday, Feb 18 - Scottsboro Church of Christ - Rover Mobile Van


Friday, March 4, 2016 - Pegram Softball Field - Pegram - Pet Community Center Van


Friday, March 11, 2016-  Tractor Supply - Ashland City - Pet Community Center Van


Thursday, March 17, 2016-Scottsboro Church of Christ - Rover Mobile Van


Friday, April 1, 2016 - Tractor Supply - Ashland City - Pet Community Center Van


(reservations required for these events - please call 615.829.8984 - or register online click here)
Please note-if either the Cheatham County or Davidson County schools are closed due to weather, our spay/neuter clinic will also be cancelled. We will call you to reschedule.


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Number of Dogs & Cats Rescued This Year
Dogs Rescued Year To Date in 2015 ....93

Alli’s (aka Baby Hazel’s) Story

Alli came to us as a joyous, playful and earnest little 4 month old. She was a stray who had found a temporary home, but after being hit by a car and both of her hind legs basically dragging behind her, she came into CCAAF because her family felt they could not care for her.  Though in serious pain and a little shy, we found her bright-eyed and curious and very happy to be tended to, fussed over and loved.

AlliShe had been known as ‘Hazel’ due to her beautiful eye color. She appeared to be a full Border Collie, a relatively rare ‘red merle’ color. But now she found herself with not only a broken hind leg, but two. Still, over the course of receiving treatment for the legs, she would not be kept down. She was ever courageous, always ready to explore and tackle the world with a fierce persistence, no matter how small her world was in a given moment.

The right leg healed very nicely. There were complications with the left one, however, resulting first in a ‘peg-leg’ which she dutifully made the best of, refusing to be sidelined. But ultimately several veterinarians agreed that the leg really had to come off.

...read the rest of her story and see more photos here...


Puppy Alexa


Meet the newest member of the CCAAF family. This is sweet Alexa. She was brought into animal control and the staff wasn't sure she would survive the night.  They cared for her for a week and saved her life.

She has now been in our care for a couple of weeks and has started her mange treatment and her lime/sulphur dips. She has a rescue waiting for her as soon as she is healthy enough for transport.

She is one smart little girl. She leashed trained herself and hates to go potty in her room!  

Pet of the Week!

Maveriick and Miska are the sweetest most loving lap boys ever.. More more information about the boys please call 615-646-6828.

CCAAF Volunteer Sited For Work S/N Feral Colonies

Ashland City Times

CCAAF's very own Adrienne Sartorius has successfully helped  TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) over 130 feral cats in Ashland City since 2014 thanks to a grant from PetSmart. Read more here...

Spay Neuter Assistance

CCAAF provides low-cost spay/neuter services to residents of Cheatham County available through our Hotline (615-829-8984) (please leave a message as instructed), or register online click here .

Clinic’s are scheduled monthly on the North and South end of the county. And services are also available for larger animals through our partnerships with the Pet Community Center, Rover, St. Bethlehem Clinic and West Meade Animal Clinic.

Rates vary depending upon outlet and the weight and breed of your animal.

Financial assistance is available for free roaming cats in Ashland City or if you are (and can provide proof of) any type of government assistance, such as food stamps (WIC), Social Security, SSI, Unemployment or simply cannot afford the service through normal outlets. Our phone screen volunteers can assist you with the information.

Reservations are required for all spay/neuter services.
Please call 615.829.8984, and leave information as instructed on the voice message, or register online (click here).

Drop off and pickup times:

Ashland City/Rover: Drop off by 7:45 am - Pick up around 2:00 pm (depends on how many animals are in the clinic)

Pegram or Ashland City/Pet Community Center: Drop off by 6:45 am pick up around 5:00 pm (depends on how many animals are in the clinic)

Please download the following Pre and Post Operative Instructions:

Happy reTales Petsmart

Click on any link below to download individual documents

Confirmation Letter & Post Op Instructions

PCC and Rover InstructionsPatient Information



Click the icon below to download
all three in one zip file:

Download all Spay / Neuter Documents



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